Second Avenue Explosion

In 2015 Theatre 80 held a benefit concert, headlined by Patti Smith and featuring her long-time collaborator Lennie Kaye, for the victims of the 2nd Avenue explosion that killed two, injured 19 (three critically) and reduced three buildings near Theatre 80 to rubble.  All proceeds went to the survivors and the East Village community through Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES.)


The night was hosted by Randy Jones of the Village People and organized by  East Village-based writer Alan Kaufman and artist Jim Storm. The impetus for this evening came from a meeting at William Barnacle Tavern organized by Penny Arcade and many other Lower East Side activists.

Many East Village  performers gave of their time and talent that night.

Among them were:

The Blood Oranges
Kayvon Zand
Mollie King
Edgar Oliver, poet
Chris Riffle
David Peel and The Lower East Side
Roderick Romero
Malachy McCourt, writer
Spencer Tunick, photographer
Cast of The Grindr Project
Antony Zito, artist
Pablo Lopez, singer