Howard and Florence Otway

Lifelong New Yorkers Howard and Florence Otway were married in Hollywood in 1947. Howard was an author, playwright, big band singer and actor. His novels and plays were well reviewed. He produced, with Lawrence Goossen and Susan Richardson, One Night Stands of a Noisy Passenger. This play was written by Shelly Winters and featured early performances by Robert DeNiro,  Elizabeth Franz, Diane Ladd, Sally Kirkland, Sam Schacht, and Richard  Lynch .  He was a pioneer of the classical film repertory scene in New York.  Florence, a graduate of the East Village’s Cooper Union, was an artist and noted shoe designer.  She became a top designer for Calvin Klein and other bright lights in fashion, all while working with Howard and their son Lorcan to create a unique and welcoming environment at Theatre 80.  After Howard Otway’s death in 1994, Florence continued to manage Theatre 80 until 2007 when she handed daily operations to Lorcan.  Ms. Otway, a much loved figure in the fashion world and mentor to many, died in 2014 at the age of 94.