HOFOPRO: The Howard Otway and Florence Otway Opportunity Project


The Howard Otway and Florence Otway Opportunity Project was founded in 2015 to honor the contributions Howard and Florence made to both their local New York City community and the theater world at large.

With costs of producing entertainment in New York City rising, HOFOPRO partners with theatrical producers, film makers, and performers of all sorts that are ready to make the leap to larger audiences and more professional production values. HOFOPRO supports many neighborhood initiatives to preserve and promote the performing arts.

Sunday February 18th: A tribute to Joe Sirola

Joe Sirola @ Theatre 80

Thank you to everyone who came out on February 18th to help us celebrate the amazing artistic contribution of Joe Sirola!

Our tribute to Joe on February 18th was a wonderful evening and we were delighted by the response from Joe’s friends and fans and greatly appreciated the support for Theatre 80 and The Howard Otway and Florence Otway Opportunity Project (HOFOPRO). Keeping Theatre 80 alive and well is a challenging business and it is the benevolence and good will from our friends that keeps us going!

To those who kindly donated money or participated in our silent auction, thank you for your generosity!

If you did not have the opportunity to make a donation during the event and would like to contribute to HOFOPRO please click the donate button above. Donations can be made online or via cheque made payable to HOFOPRO, 80 St Marks Place New York, NY 10003.
Any and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law and greatly appreciated!

We hope to host many more events in the spirit of our tribute to Joe, and we hope to see you at the theatre soon!


Dennis Creary Appointed to HOFOPRO Board of Directors

HOFOPRO teams with Randomly Specific Theatre for February ’18 Production of  Koalas Are Dicks by Larry Phillips.

The Negro Ensemble Company & Theatre 80  partnership.

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